Post-Tax Disconnection

Many tax professionals this time of year are taking some well-deserved time off after yet another grueling compressed tax season. Perhaps it’s time for the bones and muscles to join forces with the mind and eyes, sliding off to a sunny beach somewhere on the planet or just staying home gardening and catching up on Law & Order: SUV episodes. Either way, it spells “recuperation.”

In that spirit, sit back with a cold beverage and soak up this tax time story…

“I’ve driven my car through the Ted Williams Tunnel so many times I’ve got carpal tunnel,” said the seasoned tax accountant.

“You’re on the computer and phone all day,” commented his concerned wife. “Do you ever think about what all of that is doing to your body? Your hands are starting to curl up like a retracting jellyfish…and your neck is at a permanent tilt to the left from being on the phone hours a day, every day.”

The accountant looked puzzled and slightly annoyed, yet he knew she was right.

The wife continued, “Don’t even get me started on how your mind needs a break, too. Just imagine how recharged, refreshed and ultra-motivated you’ll be if you truly disconnected for a good, long stretch. Europeans do it all the time! Why can’t we be a little more like the rest of the world?!?”

The accountant slammed down the still-rolled up Wall Street Journal on his desk and declared, “Honey, by golly, you’re right! People step away from the grind and the gadgets that go with it, so why shouldn’t accountants? Taking time off and disconnecting will benefit me, my practice, our firm…and everyone I encounter. Clients today understand, especially in this hectic, always-connected world.”

Beaming, the accountant’s wife said, “Great! I’m so happy to hear that you see the importance of not only getting away physically, but also electronically. Cut the cord, Oscar! Cut it! Serenity now!”

Hand in hand they marched out of the firm toward the office of the travel agent across the street.

Does this little tale ring home to you or the people around you at the accounting firm or company where you spend a hefty amount of time? Can you take a vacation and make like it was 1950, letting today’s 24/7 smartphone world take a complete breather? If you’ve never done it, then talk with an accountant who follows this practice at least once a year. The garden grows better when it gets a break from the sun.





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