How Project Management Software Can Improve Your Efficiency

Growing faster and in the right direction means embracing new approaches. However, managing and prioritizing the tasks associated with fresh initiatives can become a jumbled to-do list in the blink of an eye. An organized pipeline demands a dependable, intuitive, and productive workflow system. There are a lot of platforms to choose from, like Basecamp, Asana, Trello, or our preferred software – Teamwork. Before you lose your mojo (and your efficiency), I invite you to look at a few ways you can benefit from a project management system.

Improve Communications

Collaboration is best (and output is better) when a team communicates well. For many accounting marketers, teams rely on both linear (phone, virtual meetings) and non-linear (email, instant messaging, virtual huddles) methods of communication. When notes live on a notepad or private document, accountability goes out the window. A workflow system gives you an edge by allowing you to transpose your online notes to a virtual task list. With most programs, you can even adjust privacy settings and assign collaborators. The best advantage is nothing gets “lost in translation.”

Project/Task Management

A great task management system is going to help you sleep better at night and here’s why: the most daunting part of a project is the stuff that happens on the front end – organization, delegation, and prioritization. Our task manager is worth its weight in gold because it helps us stay focused on the big picture when we could be tempted to get lost in the weeds. When choosing a task manager, consider the following:

  • Is it accessible? Can your staff access on both desktop and mobile devices?
  • Is it self-documenting? Can you transpose notes to tasks?
  • Will it allow you to create subtasks, dependent tasks, and recurring tasks?
  • Will it allow you to assign several people to a task or will it allow you to secure tasks?
  • Does it have an easy-to-read dashboard?
  • Can you leverage tags to organize your data?
  • Does it have dynamic chat abilities?

Before jumping into a workflow program, make a list of the things that are important to you.

Managing Teams

Project Management software often includes a few features that can help you manage your staff. Adding yourself as a “follower” to delegated tasks can help you keep an eye on your projects without micromanaging your team. This feature will also help you budget time and resources for the next project. In the same vein, your delegates can track the time they spend on a project using a built-in timer. Together, these numbers help you to better manage your team and your stakeholders.

Content Management

Let’s face it, content management is a messy beast. Content usually starts with a calendar. From there, content creators are brought on board. Next, content must be written, proofed, refined and revised, and finally – posted. But wait, you’re not done. Now, you need to write and schedule social media posts and flag content for your newsletter. Without a task manager, this process can be quite challenging. A workflow platform does wonders to tame the beast. We use tags, triggers, and columns to help manage our content creation cycle. A piece of content enters the workflow as Not Started and moves through a unique set of steps before it can be marked Complete. Throughout the process, we can leverage the tools and processes mentioned above to stay on track and meet deadlines.


While pen and paper have a place of importance in my personal life, an organizational workhorse it is not. In a profession that demands bandwidth, learning to lean into workflow automation will be a lifesaver. If you’re struggling to keep your marketing initiatives organized, we encourage you to seek out a project management system to help you implement the growth goals you’ve set for your accounting firm. If you have questions, drop us a line at – we’d love to chat.

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