There Is A Season: Test! Test! Test!

Many common statements abound in business, ones which we can all agreed upon. For instance, “the check is in the mail” and “the system conversion will be quick, painless and without problems” aren’t always truthful or accurate declarations. Neither is “the egg salad that’s been sitting out in the break room all day is okay to eat.”

Many proclamations often relate to processes, systems and testing. These critical parts of business regularly need adjustments and improvements. Most likely, you could share stories and circumstances that once floated in this same dark mist. Bottom line, when it comes to processes and systems, implementing frequent testing is essential. For starters, I could be talking about your firm’s email newsletter subscription process … or your client document portal … or the functionality of each and every page and link on your company’s website. Things break; checks and balances should be in place to minimize frustration, lost opportunities and potential damage.

How about this tale, relayed to me by an accountant at a recent conference. The CPA is speaking about one of his 1040 clients:Orange Clock Graphic

“So the guy tried to sign up for Social Security yesterday and in typical government form, the site said that it could take up to 30 minutes to complete the questions. So, of course, the site timed my client out after 15 minutes! He then tried to get back on … and the message said he couldn’t sign back in for five days!”

In this final month of the year, take the opportunity to make sure that everything is working as it should. Better safe than sorry.


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