Tips for Growing Your Business During Tax Season

Are you undertaking business development activities during the busiest time of year? There are countless options for you to consider and implement during the work-filled days of tax season – and many of them won’t result in excessive burdens on your already-busy workload.

Ask Each and Every Client for Three Referrals
The best time to fish is when the fish are in the pond. If your clients are happy with you and the service you provide, most likely they’ll want to spread the word about you. Don’t just ask them to tell others about you … ask them to specifically provide two or three referrals within a short period of time. When you deliver the tax return or financial statement, ask if the client is happy with everything. If so, this is a great time to mention that you would appreciate these referrals.Now tomorrow yesterday

Keep the COI Development Efforts Moving Forward
As busy as you are during this time, it’s more important than ever – both mentally and physically – to get out of the office. Have lunch at least twice a week with referral sources and centers-of-influence (COI). Ask them for referrals, too.

Cross-sell Your Services
What better time to find out about other financial needs that your clients may have than during tax season when they’re a captive audience. If they have additional needs, get a post-tax season meeting on the calendar right then and there. You may also uncover areas where you can pull in your referral sources, which will also help to feed those relationships. This is a golden time to position yourself as more than just their “tax person.”

There’s a long list of what you can do to grow your business during tax season, but these three essential, results-producing tips will take you a long way – and you’ll see some measurable results. Granted, these additional tasks are a balancing act on your already-full plate, but your greatest opportunities to fortify your practice are at this busy time. Put these steps in place this busy season and watch your business grow!

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