The Top 5 Resolutions for Your Business in 2018

The first week of January is prime time for re-evaluating your resolutions for the year. Perhaps you’re like me and that commitment to go to the gym is suddenly looking a little less feasible. (I might have bitten off a little more than I can chew.) Or, maybe you made a professional goal to revamp your firm’s marketing and business development efforts in 2018, but now that you’re ready to go, it’s all a blur.

Our role as growth consultants to CPA firms requires us to put on our forensic hats to determine what is, and what is not working in a firm. Our collective experience has provided us with a wealth of ideas and resources to share with the CPA world. In this post, we will explore the top 5 blog posts CPAs clicked on in 2017. Perhaps a few of our best topics will resonate with you and help you take the first step toward growth in your firm!

Top Ranking Blog Posts in 2017

#5: 5 Steps to Creating a Sponsorship and Advertising Policy

High-growth firms spend 49% less on sponsorship and advertising than low-growth firms. When it comes to aligning your philanthropy ideals with your marketing strategy, it’s important to choose wisely. Saying “no” isn’t fun, but sometimes it is necessary.

Resolution: Assemble a team of gatekeepers to help you choose the best sponsorship opportunities for your firm.

#4: Inovautus Spotlight on Practice Groups

Practice groups are an important part of growth for many CPA firms, but their success requires intentional effort and some best practices. Our Spotlight program highlights how firms mitigate challenges and forge new paths on the road to success. In this feature, we talked to Ted Kirshenbaum, CPA of Buchbinder Tunick and Co. about his journey toward specialization.

Resolution: “If you’re on the fence about developing a practice group – it’s time to jump in! One regret I have is not getting involved in this earlier in my career.” Ted Kirschenbaum, CPA

#3: 7 Reasons CPA Firms Don’t Achieve the Growth They Desire

This powerhouse list sets the stage for firm resolutions. From complacency to lack of commitment, CPA firms struggle with the same issues. The bad news is that these roadblocks are usually systemic and require a healthy dose of grit to break the mold. The good news is that change makers are made every day. It only takes one person to identify an issue and champion a movement to spark growth in a firm.

Resolution: Read this post to determine if your firm lacks the “secret sauce.”   

#1: Using Hashtags on LinkedIn…Yes, They’re Back! + #2: New LinkedIn Changes and What They Mean for CPAs

We were thrilled to see these posts gain traction with our readers. While there are still many CPAs who haven’t mastered LinkedIn, we are seeing more and more of our clients and readers transition into competent and proficient users of social media. Staying abreast of platform updates will help you become an efficient and successful marketer. Catch-up on the changes here.

Resolution: Include relevant hashtags in all your LI and Twitter posts + don’t fear platform changes, embrace them and become a social media guru.  

If you have any questions around the topics above, please contact one of our growth consultants today at . We have many resources to help you follow through on your professional resolutions and achieve the growth you desire.

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