Video Marketing Is the Future and It’s Easier Than You Think!

Consumers are exposed to mass amounts of messaging and brands are constantly fighting for the attention of their desired viewers. As technology evolves, it comes as no surprise that certain mediums are becoming more popular than others. Once, a simple status update could grab (and hold!) our attention. Nowadays, our minds prefer visual forms of communication like pictures, graphs, or GIFs. Recent studies show that 54% of consumers prefer video and 43% remember the message communicated in video over text or images. This data proves that video marketing is the future!

A common misconception among accounting marketers is that creating a video is advanced, expensive, and better left to the professionals. Lucky for us, the standards for video production aren’t as high as they used to be and cost-effective equipment options are now available. This post will help open your mind to the incredibly effective method of marketing: video.

The Possibilities Are Endless

When we broach the subject of developing video content with our clients, we don’t always get a positive response. Most CPAs aren’t against video marketing, many just have no idea what they would create and they question whether anyone would watch what they created. Video content is about giving viewers an option beyond your Newsletter, social media postings, and direct mail pieces. Your productions don’t have to be unique works of art or take months of planning – they can be homegrown and simple. Consider the following ideas:

  • Record an in-person webinar and edit the content into bite-sized clips. Then, share one clip per week on social media.
  • Interview your interns or first-year hires about their experience with your firm to feature on your recruiting page.
  • Create a monthly schedule for the experts and thought leaders in your firm to speak on a specific topic. Record 2-5 minutes of content and post on LinkedIn or Facebook. If your host is comfortable, record the video live – LinkedIn and Facebook push live videos to the top of their feeds = more free exposure for you. You may have to coerce a few volunteers at first but after a while, we’re sure you’ll develop a waiting list of CPAs who want to be stars!
  • Record clips of the room and featured speakers at an event your firm is hosting or sponsoring.
  • Host a client appreciation event and get permission to record a testimonial.
  • Create fun videos for holidays and special occasions to show your firm’s personality!


Don’t Overthink the Technology

A simple internet search of “video software” can take you down a rabbit hole of expensive and complicated options. Take a step back and consider the technology you already have. It’s easy to miss the doors that PowerPoint can open for you. This often-overlooked software provides many options for assembling video/audio clips, images, links, logos, and background music.

We challenge you to start with PowerPoint and if you uncover a specific need that the program is unable to deliver, move on to video software. It may be tempting to use a free online site but we caution from personal experience, these sites are limited in their abilities and usually require a multi-tiered membership to access all the features of the program.

When it comes to recording equipment, start small. Some of the most impressive videos are created with an iPhone and a portable microphone. Try out some of the technology you already have before you determine whether you need more advanced equipment. The important part is to get going –  don’t let a lack of bells and whistles hold you back.


Videos are a valuable part of any marketing strategy. You can upload and circulate this medium indefinitely and in different ways, depending on the timeliness of the content. We encourage you to be a pioneer while the competition is sparse. If you need guidance with this modern approach to marketing, give us a call. We’d love to have a conversation with you!

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