Welcome, Katie!

We are pleased to announce a new addition. Katie Renelt joins the Inovautus team and brings with her a healthy dose of experience and enthusiasm.


As a marketing specialist, Katie coordinates and executes internal and external marketing efforts for Inovautus Consulting and its clients. In her role, Katie works with accounting firms to brainstorm, develop, and execute a variety of marketing activities. As a multidisciplinary, Katie has mastered the ability to wear many hats while helping firms reach their growth goals.


Katie earned her Bachelor of Arts at Rider University where she studied public relations, advertising and event planning. She is currently working towards her Master’s degree in Business Communication.

  • In her spare time, Katie enjoys exploring flea markets and practicing to be a double showcase winner on the Price is Right.
  • Katie aspires to see an Orca (killer whale) in the wild!
  • Residing in New Jersey with her husband, Katie considers herself fortunate to enjoy all four seasons (sometimes in the same week!)

You can reach Katie at krenelt@inovautus.com.


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