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When it comes to accounting firm growth, there is a distinct gap between growth rates of the best-performing firms and the rest of the pack. In the 2013 IPA survey, it was reported that the top firms grow at a … Continued

hWhy You Must Fail Before You Can Grow

Why You Must Fail Before You Can Grow – The CPA Consultants’ AllianceThe CPA Consultants’ Alliance While I don’t believe there is a ‘silver bullet’ to growth, I do believe there are certain things that significantly impact growth within an … Continued

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Are you undertaking business development activities during the busiest time of year? There are countless options for you to consider and implement during the work-filled days of tax season – and many of them won’t result in excessive burdens on … Continued

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With today’s reporters and editors being ultra-busy due to staff cutbacks and heightened pressure to deliver, it’s become increasingly difficult to develop and maintain relationships with reporters. Pitching reporters and working with reporters, editors and the like, can be described … Continued

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Even if you think that social media has greatly revised today’s public relations world, the core of p.r. still exists: the basic concept of developing news about your organization and finding someone to publish it. Of course, that’s easier said … Continued

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