Act Like a Boss, Speak Like a Boss

The other night at a Minor League baseball game my teenage son was complaining to me about one of his teachers. This led to a discussion about the “bosses” that everyone has in their lives. We talked about how we … Continued

LuggageAdapting to Today’s Clients: Are You?

In a recent discussion with a CPA, the topic of a handful of her competitors nickel-and-diming business clients came up. This makes me think of the airline industry and how certain airlines take this to the extreme. I suspect that … Continued

what not to doIs Your P.R. Anchored in News or Is It Frivolous?

Are you familiar with the breakfast cereal Alpha-Bits? It’s a wild mix of letters, offering a somewhat disgustingly sweet yet bland taste. I have an idea for an accounting-based version: take the same concept and turn the letters into numbers. … Continued

SAM_0622 (2)The Inovautus Spotlight: Jessica Anderson

Q: What’s the most rewarding aspect of what you do on a daily basis? A: It’s seeing all the pieces of a project come together for a client. It’s really great when I see all the data, branding and the … Continued

Be YourselfAre You Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

A few weeks ago I wrote about having balance within a public accounting firm. From time to time, firms will feel a lack of balance with too many technicians, too many senior people, too few this, too much of that, … Continued

2014 Social CPAs Survey2014 Social CPAs Survey Is Open

We help bring social media insights to accounting firms, state CPA societies and those that serve the public accounting profession. We also regularly speak and train on social media. We have partnered with Social CPAs to bring our experience working in social … Continued