How Marketers Can Support DEI in Their Accounting Firms

Diversity comes in many forms. Race, gender, identity, experience, age, religion, orientation are all areas that are easily homogenized and easily overlooked. When it comes to tackling this topic in accounting firms, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts are not … Continued

Communication Should Be at the Top of Your Reopening Strategy

Communities and states are beginning to reopen their economies under various levels of restriction. As CPA firms consider their reopening strategies and timelines, employee safety is of the utmost importance. Once that is managed, however, the next most critical component … Continued

Accounting Firms Show Commitment to Marketing Amid Crisis

Accounting firms are reporting an overall commitment to marketing through the COVID-19 crisis, according to our May 2020 Growth Outlook Amid COVID-19 survey. The results were a contrast to recent recessions like the financial crisis in 2008. Differing from the … Continued

CPA Firms’ Growth Outlook Amid COVID-19

For CPA firms, growth over the past several years has averaged a 7% increase per year across the board, with high-growth firms often seeing double digits and low growth firms falling below the 7% mark. So, what does growth look … Continued

CPA Firm Growth Outlook Amid COVID-19 Survey Findings

In May 2020, Inovautus Consulting in collaboration with the Association for Accounting Marketing conducted a survey to learn more about the growth outlook for the CPA firm profession against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. In our analysis of survey … Continued

Are Your Vision and Strategy Steering Your Ship?

Now more than ever, your firm’s vision and strategy are being tested. Like a rudder, your firm’s vision and strategy steers the ship in both sound and stormy weather, keeps the focus where it’s needed, and steadfastly moves your firm … Continued