Spotlight on Saundra Uy: Rainmaking Is for Everyone!

As a Tax Member and Director of the Small Business Department at Suttle & Stalnaker, Saundra Uy’s experience is strong and diversified. But in spite of almost 25 years of professional accounting experience under her belt, she was still a little uneasy when it came to rainmaking. When Saundra signed up to participate in the Inovautus Consulting-led ConvergenceCoaching Rainmaker Development Program®, she came in with the intention of unraveling a mystery.

Throughout her career, Saundra struggled under the weight of a few misconceptions around business development. First, she believed that her quiet personality just wasn’t conducive with rainmaking. Second, she assumed that her role, which kept her in the office most of the time, prevented her from becoming a business developer. “I didn’t really know where to start;” said Saundra, “I wasn’t sure how to network from the office, and my lack of formal business development training meant I didn’t have a path toward success. I had hit a wall.” Enrolling in the Rainmaker Development Program® (RDP) was the first step in getting on the right path. Once she joined our rainmaking team, Saundra says, “I got just what I needed. I learned an approach where I could consistently apply the skills I was learning.”

“I got just what I needed. I learned an approach where I could consistently apply the skills I was learning.”

Before entering the RDP®, Saundra admits that she was intimidated by business development. She believed that setting lofty goals would only expose her to failure, that rainmaking was meant for the entrepreneurial minded, and that the activities necessary for success would take too much time away from her tax clients. These assumptions slowly faded throughout the 6 months of in-depth, relatable training she received in the program. Saundra got the structure, examples, and feedback that she needed to set and meet behavioral goals. She was able to focus on who would best fit in her network and how she could leverage tools like LinkedIn and her connections to both grow her business and offer her expertise to others. And probably the most surprising to Saundra, she found out that she could weave the threads of business development into her current practice. The RDP® encouraged Saundra to continually seek opportunities (in a service line she hadn’t thought possible!), and those opportunities turned into business closed.

When asked about her favorite “Aha” moment of the program, Saundra credits the program as a whole. “I didn’t have a single moment; it was a reflection. In the program, rainmaking was broken down into 6 focus areas around proposals, target clients, internal marketing, thought leadership, networking, and sales. We were encouraged to think broadly but hone-in on a few goals in each rainmaking area. This practice helped me find a well-rounded approach that wasn’t overwhelming.

“I encourage anyone who is ready to take a new step toward personal and professional growth to enroll in this program,” said Saundra, “but beyond that, I encourage firm leadership to get excited about rainmaking. Part of the new success I’ve found within my firm is around internal marketing. In a firm of our size, getting other partners excited about what I’ve been doing has become an extension of my network. In this scenario, everyone wins.”

“In this scenario, everyone wins.”

We want to thank Saundra for her candid review of the program and what the experience has taught her. If you can relate to Saundra or are wondering what the Rainmaker Development Program® can do for you, please send us an email at We would love to have you join us for our 2019 program.

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