Technology for Internal Success

Preserving business continuity is a challenge – but when your internal processes support an agile workforce, let’s just say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the last article of our remote work series, Marissa Lew shares how technology helps our internal team thrive! Catch up on previous installments of this series by starting at the beginning with Sarah Dobek’s Leading a Remote Workforce!

Technology for Internal Success

Having access to a variety of tools enables our team to thrive internally and support clients at maximum capacity. Each platform serves a different purpose, but collectively they allow us to leverage our capabilities and collaborate successfully. Here are 4 ways our internal team uses technology to support our values.



At Inovautus Consulting, a core component of our culture is transparency. To promote this core value, we leverage project and time management tools that enable our virtual team to record time by category and track projects by individual tasks. By using tools that support transparency, virtual companies can create an environment of trust and encourage continuous feedback. Our favorite software is Teamwork and Harvest.


Virtual employees run the risk of operating in a vacuum. It is essential to find methods to remain connected and encourage employee interaction. Equally important is a company’s ability to communicate externally. This is where web-conference technology comes in. Using Zoom, our team conducts regular company meetings, as well as client meetings and team-building exercises. Although virtual companies cannot mirror the office environment to a T, prioritizing consistent face-time helps to bridge the gap and even improve morale.

  • Keep or add regularly scheduled meetings to communicate with your partners and employees using video or record a video and distribute the link via email
  • Encourage your managers/partners to meet with key employees to review work just like they would in the office
  • Use chat functions in Office 365 teams, Zoom or other applications to maintain dynamic contact between team members

Virtual companies can leverage robust organization tools, such as SharePoint. This program offers the ability to store documents in a secure location, collaborate in real-time, and maintain a clear organizational structure. Especially in a virtual setting, creating and implementing an organizational structure is crucial for maximizing efficiency and achieving success.


Make sure you have enough internet bandwidth. Nothing is more frustrating than having a web-based meeting with participants cutting in and out. This is especially true if you will have a full household while working remotely. Consider if multiple people and multiple devices will be on the internet simultaneously and whether you should upgrade your bandwidth. In response to our current crisis, cable giant Comcast announced 3 ways it would help people stay connected. To learn more, click here.

No matter which technology you use for your day-to-day business, stay on top of software updates, and keep checking the status of your software and hardware.  When your work becomes reliant on the technology you use, you want to make sure you have systems that are working BEFORE it becomes an urgent matter. Technology should make your work easier rather than slowing down your business. If you run on accountability and want to learn how to incorporate tools to enhance your organizational structure, contact us today!

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